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Penn & Teller: Fool Us - Season 1 Episode 5

Performances by Cubic Act, Nick Einhorn, Michael Vincent and Morgan & West.

Episode: 5/8 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2011

IMDb: 8.1

Season 1 - Penn & Teller: Fool Us
"Know what this is about? Be the first one to add a plot."
"A former canoe instructor's trick puts Jonathan on edge, a man uses a beach ball in his prediction act and two buddies try for a great escape."
"Performances by Piff the Magic Dragon, Damien O'Brien, David Masters and Soma."
"Performances by: Daniel Kramer, Gazzo, Alan Rorrison and Romany."
"Performances by Cubic Act, Nick Einhorn, Michael Vincent and Morgan & West."
"Performances by Brynolf and Ljung, Colin McLeod, Keelan Leyser and Charlotte Marie and Etienne Pradier."
"Magician Lee Hathaway performs a card trick using a gimmick he calls a \"Stomack entering device\". Magician Jack Taperell, a 14 year-old kid, performs a mind reading card trick on Penn and Teller. Laura London, a red-headed magician, does a trick using a pound of Ross' money. Magician Martin Daniels does a classic levitation and switching routine set to classic song \"Phanton of the Opera Is here\", for Penn, Teller, the audience, and most importantly his father. Penn and Teller end the show with a trick involving Penn and a card trick while Teller is submerged in a case..."
"Performances by: Lee Hathaway, Jack Taperell and Laura London"
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