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Mayday - Season 5 Episode 1

It's called a microburst, but the havoc it wreaked on Delta Airlines Flight 191 was anything but minuscule.

Episode: 1/10 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 8.9

Season 5 - Mayday
"It's called a microburst, but the havoc it wreaked on Delta Airlines Flight 191 was anything but minuscule."
"It's one of the most alarming disasters in the history of aviation, not just because of the crash, but why it happened."
"Relive the incredible story of a pilot forced to glide an engineless 767 to safety, from over 26,000 feet in the air."
"See how two unrelated failures combined to create a fatal catastrophe, and changed the history of small plane travel."
"To find the cause of the crash of Flight 295, they had to dig deep...3 miles deep to the floor of the Indian Ocean."
"Torrential rain. Baseball-sized hail. Why did Flight 242 enter this severe storm, and what caused its engines to fail?"
"A terrorist's bomb blew up Air India Flight 182, but the biggest crime was that it all could have been prevented."
"There are many factors affecting an aircraft in flight. Any one of them can bring the plane down. But as the investigation reveals yet again, the most common one is the human factor."
"The crash of Eastern Air Lines flight 401 proved yet again that humans are the cause of majority of air crashes. Relying on technology to save their lives, they prove over and over that the smarter their technology, the dumber they get."
"A business jet on a delivery flight from Brazil to the US is shaken by a massive hit over the Amazon rainforest. The pilots manage to land the damaged aircraft, but they soon find out that they had a mid-air collision with a passenger jet."
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