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Mayday - Season 4 Episode 3

Fire breaks out on Air Canada flight 797 at 35,000 feet. Can the crew get the wheels on the ground before the fire consumes the plane?

Episode: 3/10 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 8.9

Season 4 - Mayday
"An Air France airliner overruns the runway while attempting to land at Toronto in bad weather. The plane ends up in a small ravine and starts burning, but all the passengers are quickly and safely evacuated."
"While en route from Malaysia to Australia, all four engines off a British Airways 747 fail. Now the crew must divert to Indonesia. Will they make it? And why did the engines fail and left British Airways Flight 9 \"Falling from the Sky?\""
"Fire breaks out on Air Canada flight 797 at 35,000 feet. Can the crew get the wheels on the ground before the fire consumes the plane?"
"Korean Air Flight 801 crashed on a go-around after a missed approach in Guam in 1997. Pilot error and in-op ground equipment played the biggest role in this disaster."
"The crash of United Airlines flight 585 and USAir flight 427 puzzles investigators for 10 years until they catch a lucky break which allows them to solve the long over-due puzzle."
"A China Airlines passenger jet goes out of control over the Pacific Ocean on a flight to Los Angeles. The extreme forces cause extensive damage to the aircraft, but the pilots regain control and safely land the 747 at San Francisco."
"A badly damaged Aerom\u00c3\u00a9xico DC-9 crashes into a residential neighborhood of Cerritos, California, after being hit by a privately owned Piper light aircraft not seen by the air traffic controller."
"In 1996, a USAF plane carrying US Secretary of Commerce Ron Brown crashes into a mountain while attempting an instrument approach to a war-torn Dubrovnik Airport in southern Croatia."
"What brought Flash Flight 604 down? Was it turbulence, technical problem, lightning strike? Or simply the most dreaded factor of them all, the human factor?"
"Air traffic controllers lose contact to a Cypriot airliner flying towards Athens, Greece. Two F-16s are scrambled to investigate, but the plane soon crashes into a mountain."
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