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Mayday - Season 15 Episode 4

Fire breaks out on a 747 operated by UPS shortly after take-off from Dubai International.

Episode: 4/10 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 8.9

Season 15 - Mayday
"A fiery collision between United Express 5925 and a small private plane leaves investigators stumped until they learn that a mysterious missing pilot may have played an unwitting role in the tragedy."
"Asiana flight no.214 crashes on approach to San Francisco."
"On October 4, 1992 a 747 Cargo Jet Leaves Amsterdam's main airport as EL AL flight LY1862. 7 minutes after takeoff, there is an explosion. The aircraft rolls violently to the right and slams into a apartment complex. In total 3 crew, a passenger and 39 people die in the incident. Investigators try to determine what the cause was."
"Fire breaks out on a 747 operated by UPS shortly after take-off from Dubai International."
"On 18 September 1961, a United Nations DC-6 crashes en route to Ndola Airport in Zambia. Then UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskj\u00c3\u00b6ld is killed in the crash."
"Flight 670 overruns the runway on landing at Stord Airport and careers down a steep embankment killing 4 passengers."
"On 20 August 2008, Spanair Flight 5022 attempts to takeoff from Barajas Airport, but stalls immediately, banks to the right, and crashes, killing 154 people out of the 172 on board. The pilots aborted the first takeoff attempt, and the second one resulted in the crash."
"After a short flight from the Indonesian capital, Garuda Flight 200 hits the ground in Yogyakarta so hard it bounces violently before careening off the end of the runway. Of the 133 people on board, 21 are killed. Investigators are under immediate pressure to find out what went wrong. After a series of dead ends, they make an astonishing find about how the plane was configured for landing. And when they analyze the cockpit voice recorder, they reach a startling conclusion."
"On 5 April 1991, Atlantic Southeast Flight 2311 crashes on approach to Glynco Jetport. All 23 people on board perish in the accident."
"On October 31, 1996, TAM Airlines Flight 402 crashed into a suburb in S\u00c3\u00a3o Paulo, killing all 95 people on board and 4 on the ground. The cause of the crash was due to a failure with the Fokker 100's thrust reverser on its right engine."
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