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Mayday - Season 14 Episode 3

Varig Flight 254 was a 737 on its way to Belem, Brazil from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Due to pilot error, it ran out of fuel and crashed into the Amazon jungle.

Episode: 3/11 eps

Duration: 60 mins

Quality: HD

Release: 2003

IMDb: 8.9

Season 14 - Mayday
"Copa Airlines Flight 201 disappears over Panama. Investigators are trying to piece the puzzle together to determine whether it was a mid-air collision, missile strike, bombing attempt or simply an unlucky chain of mistakes."
"Lauda air 004 was a767 which broke up in mid air after taking off from Thailand to Vienna Austria ."
"Varig Flight 254 was a 737 on its way to Belem, Brazil from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Due to pilot error, it ran out of fuel and crashed into the Amazon jungle."
"Drama recreation of the Kegworth air disaster on 8 January 1989 when British Midland Flight 92, a Boeing 737-400, crashed onto the embankment of the M1 motorway near Kegworth, UK. Of the 126 people aboard, 47 died and 74, sustained serious injuries."
"While the cargo jet was attempting a landing at Narita Airport in Japan, in gusty winds, it bounced and landed inverted and burning."
"A VIP case involving the disappearance of an airplane piloted by JFK Jr. The investigators work under tremendous public pressure looking for answers, just to discover the most obvious and most common explanation for the unfortunate crash."
"On 25 July 2000, a Concorde operating as Air France Flight 4590 en route to New York City, USA, stalls and crashes into a hotel in Gonesse shorty after take off from Charles de Gaulle Airport. All of the 109 passengers and crew die in the accident, as well as 4 on the ground. The aircraft had struck foreign debris left on the runway from a Continental Airlines DC-10, causing its fuel tanks to ignite and the engines to fail."
"When a government Lear 45 crashes in the heart of Mexico City, the NTSB investigators are rushed by the Mexican president to determine whether the cause of the crash was a cartel bomb, mechanical failure or simply a rookie pilot mistake."
"In February 2011, Manx Flight 7100 from Belfast crashes at Cork Airport, Ireland during a third attempt at landing in dense fog."
"Surviving a plane crash in the Canadian Arctic is no guarantee that you'll make it out alive. The environment is unforgiving, there are no roads, and crash survivors could face hours, even days, battling the elements while waiting for rescue, except in the remarkable case of First Air Flight 6560. Witness the story of a 737-200 that went down in a remote Inuit hamlet in August 2011 and the incredible coincidence that gave its few survivors a fighting chance. Then follow the investigation into why the aircraft crashed to begin with."
"Catalogues all the possible credible theories for the disappearance of this flight. As of now (February 2016), no-one still knows exactly what happened, the plane is still yet to be found 23 months after it disappeared."
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